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 I am running for US CONGRESS.  As you know we are currently facing a leadership crisis, I believe if we put our faith in God and our trust in Godley principles.  I believe your vote for Roy Owens will Change the tide of history, and serve notice to the other candidates. "We are People, We are Human, and we are somebody" THE KINGDOM IS IN YOUR HANDS. 

        Now I am asking you to vote Roy Owens for US CONGRESS ON SEPTEMBER 6, 2022 AND IN THE FINAL NOVEMBER 08, 2022.

     Your donations and volunteer work would be greatly appreciated. Please call 617-516-6163 and volunteer for;  Polls workers - Holding signs - Making calls - Door to Door - Car parade and ride to the polls on Election Day.

Send Donation to;  2 Otisfield Street / Dorchester Massachusetts / 02121

Web site;      Email:       Tel; 617-516-6163



   Primary SEPTEMBER 6, 2022 THE FINAL ON NOVEMBER 08, 2022

   "We Are People,  We are Human, We are Somebody" THE KINGDOM IS IN YOUR HANDS

     We have a Leadership disaster, self inflicted wounds  & Judicial Malpractice  - Economic disaster, Housing and Transportation  - Education disaster, Voter & Criminal Ignorance­­­ of the law - Medical disaster, Gentrification   & Genocide -Working Together WE Can Change Things.

      Be a volunteer   2 OTISFIELD  ST                  call  617-516-6163_____________                         

___Website:           http://www.royowensboston.mysite.com_______________/   _


                                                                 ROY OWENS FOR CONGRESS                                                                                                                        PRIMARY SEPTEMBER 1, 2020 AND NOVEMBER 03, 2020             

From :   Roy Owens for US CONGRESS                                                                                                                          To: Ministers and People of Faith 

Dear Fellow Believers,                                                                                                                                                            As many of you know  I am president of the Save the Children Ministries and since I am President of the Save the Children Ministries,   we are reaching out to form  liaison Committees; working with taxpayers and voters  who still believe traditional family values and  are worth fighting for.  For years we have being fighting for civil rights, voting right's and the right to be represented.                                                                                                                                                          We have elected black City Councilors, State Representatives. State Senators, a County Sheriff and a Governor. We have  elected a person of color as the president of the United States, and yet, we as a body of believer do not have a committee to sponsor anyone, or an agenda to advance human suffering or any religious cause we can believe in.  We don't have Christian in any position we can count on for the cause of Christ, because we don't have an agenda.   Roy Owens is the only one who has been pushing that message.   I am asking those who would to meet me, please call 617-516-6163  anytime and,  until we have an agenda we can believe in and candidates that believe in traditional family values who we can be proud to support.            Just as Apostle Paul laid out his agenda, writing 13 books of the New Testament persuading rulers like Sergius Paulus the county sheriff, Festus the governor, King Agrippa and his wife Bernice and even Caesar Emperor of the Roman Empire to become Christians accepting  traditional family values as the way, one God, one faith, one baptism. 

                                                                                       Sincerely Yours in Christ,                                                                                                                                                     

                                                                                         Roy Owens_____________